Chemistry class notes and presentations are found below and will be added as the year progresses (please note: not all formatting and tables are complete in some slide shows due to the file transfer and embedding of the presentations, please see Ms. Lee with any questions).:

Unit 1: What is data and what can it tell us?

Unit 1 Guided Notes:

Unit 1 Class Presentation:

Unit 1 Homework:

Unit 2: How does matter change?

Unit 2 Guided Notes:

Unit 2 Presentation:

Unit 2 Homework:

Unit 3: How is the structure of the atom related to its behavior?

Unit 3 Guided Notes:

Unit 3 Presentation:

Unit 3 Homework:

Unit 4: Why are electrons important?

Unit 4 Guided Notes:

Unit 4 Presentation:

Unit 4 Homework:

Unit 5: Why does the periodic table look the way it does?

Unit 5 Guided Notes:

Unit 5 Presentation:

Unit 5 Homework:

Unit 6: What is an Ionic Bond?

Unit 6 Guided Notes:

Unit Presentation:

Unit 6 Homework:

Unit 7: What is a Covalent Bond?

Unit 7 Guided Notes:

Unit 7 Presentation:

Unit 7 Homework:

Unit 8: How Can We Describe a Chemical Reaction?

Unit 8 Guided Notes:

Unit 8 Presentation:

Unit 8 Homework:

Unit 9: How Do We Use the Mole?

Unit 9 Guided Notes:

Unit 9 Presentation:

Unit 9 Homework:

Unit 10: What is Stoichiometry?

Unit 10 Guided Notes:

Unit 10 Presentation:

Unit 10 Homework:

Unit 11: What are Some Special Properties of Solutions?

Unit 11 Guided Notes:

Unit 11 Presentation:

Unit 11 Homework:

Unit 12: How do Gases Behave?

Unit 12 Guided Notes:

Unit 12 Presentation:

Unit 12 Homework:

Unit 13: How is Energy and Chemistry Related?

Unit 13 Guided Notes:

Unit 13: Presentation:

Unit 13 Homework: